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Meet your new budget planner

Personal budget dashboard

Plan ahead

You see how your account positions are evolving in the next few weeks or months, and can tune your expenses to avoid any overdraw.

Catch the slightest overrun

In just one glance, you will be aware of any cost overrun. You can then readjust your budget to avoid overdraw and preserve your goals.

Treat yourself

Budgeting isn't just about restraining yourself. It's about using your money for what really matters to you.

Récupérer automatiquement les relevés bancaires

No tedious input of transactions

Import your financial statements from your bank's website. After a couple of sessions, BudgetView categorizes automatically most of your transactions, leaving only a few operations for manual processing. This way, your budget can be up to date in just a few minutes, at any time!

Confidentialité / Sécurité

Secure and confidential

Your personal information is not sent over the internet: everything is kept on your own computer. Further protect your sensitive data with a password that only you will know.

Free but featured-packed

Data import

  • Import your transaction records to OFX, QIF or CSV from the website of your bank.
  • Recover operations from Microsoft Money, Intuit Quicken, or any other application capable of exporting records to OFX, QIF or CSV.
  • No need to worry about the dates when downloading operations: BudgetView ignores duplicates automatically.
  • Enter operations manually, whether for your bank accounts or to manage your cash.
  • BudgetView automatically categorizes your transactions based on your previous categorization.


  • Add notes to your operations, change their labels.
  • Split an operation in several operations.
  • Shift an operation to the previous or next month's budget.
  • Filter your operations by accounts, by envelope or by month.
  • Search operations by label.

User Sessions

  • Create multiple user sessions.
  • Protect your session with a password.
  • Your data is encrypted with the password you selected.

Bank accounts

  • Create as many bank accounts as you need.
  • Manage your checking and savings accounts.
  • Managed your deferred debit cards.

Budget calculator

  • Organize your budget as a set of envelopes, organized into Revenues, Fixed, Variable, Savings and Extras.
  • Observe the evolution of your accounts positions in the weeks and months ahead.
  • At the end of the month, transfer the remainder of an envelope to the next month.

Data management

  • Export your statements as QIF or TSV files to be imported into other budget management tools.
  • Copy the contents of tables displayed in BudgetView to paste into a spreadsheet program such as Excel or Numbers.
  • Create and restore backup copies of your data.
  • Print your transaction records.
  • Determine where your data is stored, for example a directory that is stored on the cloud such as Dropbox or Google Drive.


  • Choose the color theme you prefer.
  • Display the application in French or English.

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