About BudgetView

BudgetView is designed and developed by Marc Guiot and Régis Medina.

We have been working on this project in addition to our daily jobs since 2006. Over countless weekends, evenings and vacation days, we have evolved BudgetView from a simple idea on a piece of paper to the complete application you can enjoy today:

The evolution of BudgetView

Our main goal:

Provide you with the clearest possible view of your budget
to help you achieve your most important projects.

Of course, there are many competing applications and websites around. We think however that BudgetView brings a unique approach to the field, based on three principles: :

  • A visual, high-level representation of your budget rather than a long list of operations.
  • A powerful forecast to show you where you are going rather than a bunch of tools to dissect the past.
  • Personal information that remains at home rather than putting everything on a website.

To date, approximately 500 people use BudgetView regularly. If BudgetView Please help us to spread the talking around you!

Please also contact us to give us your impressions and ideas - we are not always able to respond to all messages, but we read them all, and really they are the heart of our decisions when we develop the software.


Any question about this site, the application or our project?

Please contact Régis Medina : regis@mybudgetview.fr