Extensions are no longer available for purchase

We are shutting down BudgetView, because we no longer have the means to support it.

The application will remain available as is in the next few years.

Thanks to all of you for supporting us during all these years.

4 add-ons to budget like a pro

1. Prepare your projects

  • Define a projet with all its components and observe its impact on your accounts in the upcoming months.
  • Activate/deactivate project elements to perform simulations.
  • Advance or postpone project elements to another month.
  • Manage expenses that span several months - for instance loans.
  • Manage transfers between your accounts.
  • Copy/paste images from your browser or use your own.
  • Keep notes or links for any project component.
Préparation des projets dans le budget familial

Groupes d'enveloppes

2. Organize your envelopes

  • In the Budget view, group your envelopes together. In this example, all the expenses related to telecommunications have been grouped in a "Telecoms" group.
  • You can collapse or expand groups to simplify your overall budget and drill down when needed.
  • Summary amounts are displayed for each group, so that you can know how much is left to spend even when the group is collapsed.

3. Analyze your budget in detail

  • Observe the repartition of expenses or the evolution of a given envelope over time.
  • Print reports.
Analysis of you personal budget

Application de gestion de comptes pour Android

4. Bring your budget everywhere

With our Android app, you can visualize your budget whenever and wherever you want.

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