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This application does not work on iOS yet!

An iPhone/iPad/iPod app is part of our roadmap, but it is not yet available.

Please come back from time to time to check if it was published, or better yet: do not hesitate to contact us to share what you would like to do with such an app. In what context would you use it? To do what? For what purpose?

A free application

The free version of BudgetView is largely enough for managing most family budgets without any limitation. You can install paying add-ons to benefit from advanced budgeting features.

Secure and confidential

Your private data is not sent across the Internet. You keep everything on your own computer, and you can protect it all with a password you'll be the only one to know.

No hidden trap

We don't impose any ads on you. We don't spy on you. We don't sell your personal data to ad networks or anyone.


When the download completes, double-cick on the install application in your Downloads folder.

Mise en route

To use BudgetView, two to five sessions each month, 5 to 20 minutes each, will be enough to update and pilot your budget. However, for the first sessions, you'll need one or two sessions, 30 minutes to 2 hours long, in order to set up your initial budget and get comfortable with the application.

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