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What kinds of accounts can I manage with BudgetView?

BudgetView manages four different types of accounts:

Main accounts

These are typically the checking accounts with which you manage your day to day transactions.

You can categorize transactions from this accounts in all budget areas: income, recurring, variable, etc.

Savings accounts

You use these accounts to put money aside, either on a short term or long term basis. These can be normal savings accounts or mutual funds.

Credit card accounts

These accounts are specific kinds of revolving accounts, which grant a line of credit to the card holder and level the spendings in monthly payments. These accounts are managed as main accounts for the moment in BudgetView.

Deferred debit card accounts

With these debit cards:

  • transactions are managed on a dedicated account
  • once a month, the position of this dedicated amount is reset to zero, and an transaction is issued on the customer's main account to cover all the expenses made on the credit card during the last period.

You can see the deferred debit cards page for further details.