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How should I manage deferred debit cards?

Differed debit cards have a specific mode of functioning, generally organized as follows:

  • the card's operations are withdrawn from a dedicated account
  • once a month, the card account balance is returned to zero and the total value of operations from the card account appears on the main account. This monthly operation on the current account thus shows up as a replica of all of the card operations which have already been withdrawn from the card account.

To prevent this monthly operation from skewing your accounts in BudgetView, you need to categorize it in a specific way.

To achieve this, first of all you must ensure you have correctly designated you card account as a “Differed debit card account". To check this, click on the account in the "Accounts” section.

Next, in the Categorization view, when you select the monthly operation "card payments”, you need to select the item "Other", then you will see that BudgetView gives the option of selecting you card account under "Payment from differed debit card account".

Once you have categorized the operation in this way, it will be correctly taken into account by BudgetView and you will not have any duplication problems.