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Can I use BudgetView as a replacement for Microsoft Money?

Microsoft Money was taken off the market in June 2009. If you are a Money user looking for a replacement, you can try BudgetView, keeping in mind that BudgetView holds a philosophy based on two major principles:

  • Working on the budget in its entirety, with a visual format, rather than monitoring elementary operations.
  • Anticipating your budget over coming months so as to prepare and carry out projects (investments, travel, significant purchases etc.)

Follow the instructions below to transfer your data.

1. Export data from Money

You will need to export your operations statements for each individual account, using the export option available in Money's "File" menu.

This procedure works to create a QIF format file for the account you have selected. Be sure to make a note of the location where you have saved the file on your computer - the simplest thing is to save the files directly to your Windows desktop, so you can delete them later.

2. Import the QIF files in BudgetView

From within BudgetView, use the "File / Import transactions" menu. In the import dialog, you can select the generated QIF file and import it. During this operation, BudgetView will propose you to also import the corresponding categories.

You need to start this export/import operation for every account you want to transfer.

3. Prepare your budget

When all your accounts are transferred, you can: