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Why does BudgetView connect to the internet?

BudgetView connects to the internet to verify your activation code, download new versions and collect information regarding use of the application. None of your bank connection codes or financial or personal date will ever be passed on to us. Information related to your bank accounts or budget remains on your own computer.

Initial connection

On launching, BudgetView connects to our servers to verify whether a new version is available and to ensure your activation key is still valid.

Importing data

There are two ways of importing transaction statements from your bank’s website:

  1. Usually, you will download a file yourself, by visiting your bank’s internet site using your browser and once the file is on your computer you import it into BudgetView. Using this method, BudgetView does not need to connect to the Internet.
  2. Should you bank offer a direct OFX download, like the French La Banque Postale, you enter your connection identification details into BudgetView so that it can connect to your bank’s servers. Using this method, BudgetView connects to the Internet to reach your bank’s servers and capture your bank statements. Remember that if you do not want to use this system, you are recommended to download your statements using method 1.

In both cases, downloading of your statements from your bank’s site is protected by the system implemented by your bank – generally via a secured SSL connection such as those used by the vast majority of online retailers.

Connection when you close the application

The first two times you use the application, when you close it, BudgetView sends us anonymous information regarding how for you have progressed in utilizing the application. The information in question is a few yes/no indicators telling us whether you have successfully downloaded certain things, whether you have classified operations and whether you have reached the end of the initial assistant. These data are very useful to use to continue improving the initial use experience of the software.

Please note that the information in question is succinct and anonymous and regards only application utilization. No information is sent regarding your accounts, bank, transactions or budget.