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How can I import CSV files, for instance the ones generates from Excel or Numbers?

BudgetView can import CSV (Comma-Separated Values) files provided that they respect a few conditions:

  • The separator can be a comma (,), a tabulation (\\t), a colon (:) or a semicolon (;).
  • There must be a first row containing the titles of each column.
  • For each operation, there must be at least a bank date, a label and an amount.
  • The amount can be specified as two columns: debit and credit.
  • The date format can be one of YYYY/MM/DD, MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY.

For instance:

Bank date;Label;Amount
2012/05/18;Gas station;-50.00

or with separate credit/debit columns:

Bank date;Label;Credit;Debit
2012/05/18;Gas station;;-50.00
2012/05/27;WorldCo salary;1000.00;

The following optional columns can be included:

  • The date at which the operation was made.
  • The operation's envelope or category
  • The operation's sub-envelope or sub-category, if there is already an envelope/category column
  • Notes or comments

For instance:

Operation date;Bank date;Label;Amount;Note;Envelope;Sub-enveloppe
2012/05/18;2012/05/18;Gas station;-50.00;Car;Fuel