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Can I enter transactions manually?

The recommended method for updating your accounts is to download your transactions from your bank's website. You can however enter your transactions manually in BudgetView.

To do this, you have to go to the Categorization view. You will find there an "Enter transactions manually" button, at the bottom of the left-hand block.

You need to set two options when entering a new transaction:

Update account position

This option is set by default, for the usual case where you enter operations every day or every few days. We recommand that you unset it in the following cases:

  • when entering past transactions
  • when entering future transactions

To reconcile after a future import

If you enter transactions manually in an account for which you also perform downloads from your bank's website, there is a risk to end up with duplicate transactions that will distort your budget.

If you select this option, BudgetView will remind you that these transactions need to be reconciled after the next imports. You will then be able to select the corresponding imported transactions, and thus eliminate any duplicates.