Last changes

version 4.03 february 21, 2016

New installers

BudgetView installer

The first visible change in this release is the installer, which we have redesigned from scratch:

  • For Windows and Mac OS X you no longer need to install Java on your own. The installation process is much simpler, with no arcane tricks to make Java work under Yosemite or El Capitan. You also avoid the frequent Java updates.
  • For Linux, you can now choose among many installers: a Shell script for all distributions, and also RPM (Red Hat, Debora, Suse...) and DEB (Debian, Ubuntu...) packages. Using the shell script, we even had BudgetView run on a Raspberry Pi with no problem!

A consequence of this redesign is that the automatic update will not work for this version. You need to manually install BudgetView on your computer.

New look&feel

The second visible change in this release is the look&feel of the interface:

BudgetView: redesigned interface for release 4.03

We have updated the interface to:

  • Provide a better guidance for new users
  • Have a crisper rendering on Retina displays
  • Ease the selection of months (with a pop-up menu triggered when you click on the month label at the top left corner of the screen)

If you purchased our extensions, vous pouvez maintenant voir l'évolution du solde de vos comptes sur 4 mois au lieu de 2 dans les vues Tableau de Bord, Budget et Relevés.

Improved management of savings accounts

It is now possible to categorize transactions from savings accounts in envelopes outside the "Transfers" area. This means for instance that you can create an "Interest" envelopes in the "Income" budget area to categorize your annual interest transactions.

We still have a long way to go before having a clear and easy management of internal transfers. This will remain a focus in our next releases.

Online help improvements

We have removed the help pages embedded in the application and improved the online help in order to have a more complete and coherent support repository.

Bug Fixes

As always, this version brings a set of various fixes:

  • The dashboard page was in some cases showing a long series of 00000.
  • The Undo action was not working properly after using the "Shift balance to next month" action.
  • The sub-envelopes were not properly sorted in the Categorization view.


If you are using a previous version of BudgetView:

Version 4 of BudgetView introduces important changes in the way your budget is represented within the software. We have extensively tested everything, through a suite of more than 1500 automatic tests and through our own manual tests. However as a precaution we recommend that you backup your data before installing the new version.

To download this version, go to our Downloads page:

And as always, please do not hesitate to write us at to tell us what you think about this release, and how we can make BudgetView even better.

version 4.02 august 31, 2015

For this version we have mainly worked on simplifying the initial setup for newcomers. We have improved the onboarding wizard and also revisited the organization of the envelope edition dialog:

New envelope edition dialog to configure the forecast

In terms of new features, users of the "Analysis" add-on will find a new view: the evolution of the envelopes. This view lets you observe the evolution of each of your envelopes over time, up to the last three years.

Analysis add-on: new 'Evolution' view

Some of you were requesting a longer timespan for the forecasts. We have increased the maximum to 60 months, which you can set in the Preferences panel.

We also added some color schemes. You can change the theme in the File / Preferences menu.

New color themes

version 4.01 may 9, 2015

This version integrates a few fixes, and clarifies the fact that BudgetView is now a free application that can be optionally extended with paid add-ons.

version 4.0 april 19, 2015

A whole new interface

In the last months, we have redesigned the entire interface to simplify two things: the discovery of the application by new users and the management of multiple bank accounts. We are now pleased to present a brand new look&feel for your application:

The main changes are detailed below.

A "weather forecast" for your bank accounts

Managing a budget is first and foremost about answering one question: "Is there a risk of overdraw in the near future?"

BudgetView 4.0 answers this question directly:

Personal budget forecast

Forecasts are available on each of your accounts: a cloudy or rainy weather indicates a risk of overdraw by the end of next month..

Account filtering

The Dashboard, Budget and Account views now use the same left-hand sidebar with an overview of all your accounts:

You can hide or show the graph of the evolution of the balance of each account, and also select an account to see only the relevant information in the rest of the view. With this new logic, you can easily monitor each individual account.

With these changes, the specific Savings Accounts view has disappeared: savings accounts are now represented in exactly the same manner as current accounts.

A more flexible management of multiple accounts

Since the origins of BudgetView, the calculation of the forecast was made ​​for all current accounts as a whole - it was not possible to follow the evolution of a specific current account.

In the 3.14 release, we have allowed to follow each account individually by associating each envelope to a given account. However, this solution was too restrictive for some of our users, forcing some of them to duplicating several envelopes.

Version 4.0 corrects this by offering a much more flexible approach: envelopes are now by default related to all current accounts, and the projection into the future is based for each account on the behavior observed in the two last months.

Thus, if you only use one of your accounts to your envelope Leisure , the provisional calculation will take into account that rate. If you have completed one third of expenditures on an account, and two thirds on another, this same distribution will apply in the forecast.

In cases where you feel it necessary , you can always edit any envelope and specify that it applies only to a given account. The projections will then be made exclusively on the account, and the envelope will not be visible in the Categorization view when you select an operation of this account.


We have changed the way to represent transfers between your accounts. Now, the "Savings" block in the Budget view becomes "Transfers" and welcomes all your transfers: transfers to or from your savings accounts, but also transfers between your current accounts.

A base version that becomes... FREE!

To share the best budget forecasts with a larger number of users, we make the heart BudgetView 4.0 free. Some features become paid add-ons:

  • Creating envelope groups in the Budget view
  • Managing projects
  • The whole analysis view
  • the visualisation of your budget on the Android app

These add-ons are presented in a new dedicated view:

If you had bought a BudgetView activation code for earlier versions, it remains of course valid and automatically activates all available add-ons.

version 3.13 january 11, 2013

BudgetView now saves the size of the window and the various blocs in all views. When launching the application, you'll then find it in the same state as you left it.

You can now duplicate projects.

Split transactions are now recognizable in the Budget and Categorization tables.

Fixed an error that caused incorrect account positions.

...and other minor evolutions and fixes.

version 3.11 october 13, 2013

This version provides a few bug fixes.

To upgrade BudgetView, you just have to launch it, wait for a few seconds, and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen. If you don't have BudgetView yet, you can download it now!

And as always, please do not hesitate to write us at to tell us what you think about this release, and how we can make BudgetView even better.

version 3.10 september 30, 2013

This version features a new way to manage your projects:

New approach to projects

You can now;:

  • Activate/deactivate projects or project elements to perform simulations
  • Shift all the elements of a project to another month
  • Integrate recurring expenses over several months, for instance loans
  • Integrate transfers, for instance between your savings and main accounts
  • Set images to your projects, either from pictures located on your computer, or by copy/pasting them from another application such as your web browser
  • Set notes, hyperlinks and images to project elements

To start with, we encourage you to take some time to set images on all your projects - you'll see how this gives a far better appearance to your budget!

version 3.09 August 16, 2013

This version contains a few fixes, mostly in direct connections to French banks (CIC).

version 3.08 August 6, 2013

This version contains a few fixes in the following areas:

  • CSV Import
  • Restoration of backup files.

It also features two new color themes, available in the Preferences dialog.

version 3.07 April 29, 2013

This version contains minor fixes and evolutions:

  • You can now delete accounts and envelopes through the right-click pop-up menus.
  • The application now accepts non-standard OFX files where the account positions use a "--100.00" format (with two minus signs... go figure!)
  • The application now accepts OFX files containing transactions but no account.
  • Fixed a problem which caused the application to remain in the background after quitting under Mac.
  • Reinforced the protection against data corruption when using several instances of BudgetView with the same data directory. Please note however that this use case is still not supported, and should be avoided whenever possible.
  • Fixed an error when updating the current date when the application remains open for a few days in a row.
  • Fixed an error that could lead the application to use much more memory than usual.

version 3.06 April 5, 2013

  • The Android companion to BudgetView is now available on Google Play.

version 3.05 May 26, 2013

  • It is now possible to print the list of transactions displayed in the Accounts and Categorization views. To start printing, use the "Action" menus located near the transaction lists.
  • The Accounts view has been reorganized, and now features position graphs for each account. You can click in a graph to select the corresponding transactions.
  • The number of ignored and auto-categorized transactions is now displayed at the last step of the import.
  • Improved look&feel and performances on Windows.
  • This version also includes various fixes.

version 3.0 April 21, 2013

New in this version:

  • The BudgetView Android app is now available! This first version lets you visualize your budget on the go with your smartphone or tablet. It is available as a preview version for now so that you can help us improve it, and it should be available in Google Play in a few weeks.
The BudgetView app for Android
  • You can now edit a manually created transaction. To do this, just right-click on the transaction and select "Edit..."
  • You can also move the storage directory used by BudgetView, for instance to put it on a backed up or shared directory. To do this, go to the "File / Preferences" menu, and then select the "Storage" tab. Please note that if you use a cloud storage system such as Dropbox or Google Drive, you need to make sure that only one BudgetView instance uses this directory at a given time, or your data could be corrupted.
  • And as always, this release includes the latest bug fixes.

version 2.34 March 11, 2013

New in this version:

  • CSV import: the application now manages cases where values are wrapped in quotes ('...') or double-quotes ("...").
  • CSV export: added an Account column, and translated the column headers depending on the language used by the application.
  • It is now possible to change the language (English/French) from the Preferences dialog.
  • New green color theme available in the Preferences dialog.
  • Fixed a few errors, for instance when importing Microsoft Money files, or when managing dates when the application remains open several days in a row.

version 2.33 December 15, 2012

  • The Linux downloads page now features a ".deb" package to help you install BudgetView on your Ubuntu or Debian system.
  • Fixed an account position computation error that occured in some cases during the upgrade to the 2.32 version.

version 2.32 December 3, 2012

Manual input of transactions:

  • You can now enter transactions in all accounts, even those for which you import files. You can then reconcile these transactions after subsequent imports.
  • When entering transactions, BudgetView now auto-completes the label, and categorizes them automatically based on the existing transactions.

Account management:

  • BudgetView now detects automatically discrepancies between the position of an account and the corresponding sequence of transactions. This lets you detect missing or duplicate transactions for this account.
  • BudgetView now handle more credit card configurations - for instance a credit card for transactions between the 20 of each month, with a transfer on the 15th two months later.

Analysis view:

  • A right-click on any graphic of the Analysis view now displays a pop-up menu to navigate to the corresponding transactions.
  • Sub-envelopes are now displayed in the table located at the bottom of the Analysis view.


  • Sub-envelopes are created automaticall for each item in a project. You can then see the completion rate for each item in the project edition dialog.


  • The printed report now includes a page representing the "Budget" view, with all the envelopes and the corresponding completion rates.

Other improvements:

  • The View menu now includes a few functions for selecting the current month, current year, etc.
  • Operations are now displayed in green or red, depending on their sign, in the tables of the Accounts and Categorization views.
  • Added the main Swiss and Belgian banks
  • BudgetView is now compatible with the latest security mechanisms of Max OS X Mountain Lion.

version 2.31 June 18, 2012

  • This version provides support for Java version 1.7, eliminating an error when downloading or categorizing transactions.
  • Two additional fixes are also included - an error in the display of sub-envelopes in the Analysis table view, and another in the processing of deferred debit cards.

version 2.29 May 18, 2012

  • In the Analysis view, you can now see the details of sub-envelopes for a given envelope. To use this, click on an envelope that contains sub-envelopes in the corresponding repartition chart : you will see a "Show sub-envelopes" button appear just below the chart.
  • This version also includes a few additional bug fixes, for example when importing OFX or CSV files, using the OFX direct download option with some banks, or in the display of envelopes related to projects in the Budget view.

version 2.28 May 2, 2012

  • You can now carry over the remainder or the overdraw of an envelope over the next months. For instance, let's say that you spent only 100.00 out of 150.00 in leisures this month. Using this function, BudgetView will automatically carry the remaining 50.00 over the next month, setting the planned amount of this envelope to 200.00. To try this, click on the envelope name in the Budget view and select the "Carry ... over" menu option.
  • BudgetView now better handles non-standard date formats in OFX files
  • In the login screen, you can now select an user name among the list of existing user accounts.
  • This version also includes a few additional bug fixes. For instance, BudgetView does not request incoming connections anymore, and we also fixed an error that occured in some specific cases when editing envelopes.

version 2.27 April 16, 2012

  • You can now better control how transactions are planned in the future, by forcing a given envelope to plan only one transaction per month, on a given day each month. This is useful for instance to tell BudgetView to plan your salary as a single transaction on the 29th of every month. To use this feature, click on the envelope name in the Budget view and go to the "Forecast" tab.
  • You can now edit the labels of transactions, by right-clicking on them in the Categorization and Accounts views.
  • When importing files or creating accounts, you can now add your own bank to the list.
  • When entering a transaction, you can now select a month in the past, even if this month is not displayed in the time bar at the top of the screen.
  • This version also includes a few bug fixes, for instance in some specific cases when importing CSV files.

version 2.25 March 13, 2012

  • You can now import CSV (Comma-Separated Values) files, coming for instance from a spreadsheet program such as Excel or Numbers. For more information, please read the CSV import guide.
  • Two new options are available in the preferences dialog available from the "Files / Preferences" menu:
    • Change the date format (for instance "March 13, 2012" instead of "13 March 2012")
    • Change the color theme of the application
  • When using the application for the first time, you now have the ability to see BudgetView at work on a demo account.
  • The version provides a few bug fixes - for instance an error occuring when deleting an operation in some cases.

version 2.23 January 29, 2012

  • You can now print reports from BudgetView, by using the "Print..." option in the File menu. Please note that this is a very first version of this feature - as always, your comments are welcome!
  • You can now use your activation code on two different computers.
  • Various minor fixes and improvements.

version 2.17 November 29, 2011

  • Hello world! This is the first version in English.